Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How do you...make a door look old?

This is my fist blog and I'm not really sure how all this blog stuff works but hey, nobody's looking so I can screw it up and nobody's gonna notice, right?

I blame Pinterest. I saw a door I had to have and it's evolved into an entire bathroom redo....starting with the door. So here we go. I found this door at the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store. It was $50..could have been $25 if we'd gotten there a day earlier. We just missed "half price door day". Oh well, it's a good cause. I didn't start blogging until mid door project but you didn't miss much. I used a chain, a rake, tin snips and beat the door up, I mean really smacked it around. I wanted to make big enough dents that they'd really show up. I sanded all the angles using my handy dandy mouse sander. I used a 50 grit sandpaper...it worked really fast.

I used a Behr turquoise paint with an eggshell finish. It almost looks tiffany blue.

I painted the door but not solid. The more you paint on the more you have to sand off. I went a little heavier on the panels and less on the edges.

I tried to avoid getting paint in the cracks and the "holes" I created with my destruction earlier.

I let that dry for a couple of hours. Ok, I'm impatient. I let it dry for 30 minutes. I took my handy dandy mouse sander and went over all the edges again. I didn't sand any of the middle.

I don't know if you can tell here but I am holding the sander at an angle. I only wanted to sand the paint off the edges like this


After sanding, I used the blower and a dry paintbrush to remove the dust. Then wiped it down with a t-shirt.

I know there are lots of recipes for glazes and stains out there but this is what I had, so this is what I used. I don't even know if they still make it. It's a dark brown.

I used the brush, making sure to get it into all the cracks and the exposed wood. I used a damp sponge to wipe off all the excess.

The glaze is designed to dry slowly so there's no need to rush. After I added/removed the glaze, I wiped the whole thing down with a tshirt...cause I have a billion t-shirt pieces left over from other pinterest projects.

Some of the dents and dings needed more glaze to make them darker. The more coats you apply the darker it gets. Just be sure to wipe off the excess. Are those my hands?? Wow, I could use a moisturizer.

And that's how I did it! Here's the finished door....and my helper.

a close up:

We're going to hang it on a track at the top and add some antique hardware. Check back for pics of it when we get the bathroom done.

Vicki Sue


  1. can you tell me the color of behr paint that you used?

  2. Wheres the "done" pics?

  3. Do you have finished pics yet? Curious to see how the antique hardware looks with the door! Love the color!

  4. love it...might try it in kitchen on lower cabinets, upper being an off white/brown glaze like the blue.

  5. love it!! going to make a headboard for my daughter